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 An ethical alternative to leather for a better world.


We are a Japanese B2B startup with a vision: upcycling food loss, preventing animal cruelty, and stopping global warming.

That's why we made a new kind of leather out of what would usually be thrown away, using fruit peels from juice factories. PEEL Lab leather is plant-based, sustainable and ethically produced from the same material found in nature. More than just an alternative to leather, it actually contributes to the environment by reducing waste, emissions and other pollutants that impact our planet.


We are a B2B platform empowering corporates to join the movement of sustainability. By providing full-range design and production services, we are on a mission vision to enable every corporate to create personalized products using pineapple leather and other plant-based leather.

Why PEEL Lab?



We use only low-impact materials sourced from producers with eco and sustainability credentials



Manufacturing leather requires chemicals that can cause long-term health issues in workers. We ensure all our workers are protected from such risks. All our processes are entirely animal and cruelty free.

Premium Craftsmanship


Every piece of plant-based leather is made with care and our products undergo a careful design and inspection process before being made available.


180kg of pineapple leaves are up-cycled for manufacturing our iconic pineapple leather.

1500kg of CO2 emissions are reduced during the creation of our leather.

800m of pineapple leather has been manufactured in 2022.


Cherry Tree

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