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Pineapple Leather


Soft and supple. Made entirely from fruit and vegetable scraps leftover from food processing. Available in a range of vibrant colors.

To shop for our leather, please contact us.

Totes and Wallets


Our tote collection is back with the new leather made from pineapple leaves. Our pineapple leather wallet is silky smooth with natural textures.

Table Mats


Simple pineapple leather coasters in muted earthy tones. Its simple organic shape is a reminder of our connection to nature.



Our new randoseru made of pineapple leather. Silky smooth texture and deep green would made any child stand out.

Bamboo Yoga Mat


Your lifelong fitness buddy. Soft color and texture that are kind to our mind and bodies. This nature-inspired yoga mat will take us back to our origin.

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