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Preparing for a post-climate change world

Climate change is here to stay. How and why should we adjust to our world in which every decision can have an impact on the health of our environment?

We're not doing enough

There's no good way to put it: we aren't on track to meet the targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement. With more frequent extreme weather events, global warming, and unpredictable weather, the goals we wrote down in 2015 international now seem far away.

Unless there are immediate, rapid, and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, limiting warming to close to 1.5 degrees Celsius or even 2 degrees Celsius will be beyond reach - The IPCC

What does this mean for the corporate world?

Companies and brands have the responsibility to take action now. There are many environmental and sustainability solution tools available, whether it be the transition to renewable energy, adoption of electric vehicles, improving building efficiency, increasing levels of recycling, and the incorporation of greener technology for industrial processes.

Furthermore, protecting the environment can be good for businesses as well. 70% of consumers want an eco-friendly brand and 35% are premium consumers that are willing to pay to protect the environment

-- About PEEL Lab--

PEEL Lab ( is a Japan-based B2B startup on a mission to tackle food waste, prevent animal cruelty and stop global warming. PEEL Lab only works with PETA-approved “next-gen materials” for its corporate clients.


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